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Found Items Listing

Enterprise Rent A Car - Boston Logan International Airport- BOS
15 Transportation Way,
East Boston,Massachusetts,
Item # Item Category Location Date Claim Before
14883073 WALLET POWERBANK CAR WASH 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14883045 Keys CAR WASH 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14882983 Keys CAR WASH 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14882963 Keys CAR WASH 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14882921 Identification CAR WASH 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14882869 Cellphone LL111139 12/1/2021 01/30/2022
14877563 Toll Transponder nu642101 11/30/2021 01/29/2022
14877491 Toll Transponder CAR WASH 11/30/2021 01/29/2022
14877463 Cellphone lr170112 11/30/2021 01/29/2022
14866425 GYM BAG n9093710 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866341 Athletic Shoes n5u24744 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866309 Identification CAR WASH 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866221 Keys CAR WASH 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866199 Sunglasses CAR WASH 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866171 POWERBANK CAR WASH 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866163 Earbuds MY255542 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866131 Sunglasses CAR WASH 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866123 Eyeglasses lz007477 11/28/2021 01/27/2022
14866183 CHARGING CASE CAR WASH 11/26/2021 01/25/2022
14857729 Visa CAR WASH 11/25/2021 01/24/2022
14856165 Cellphone ml500610 11/24/2021 01/23/2022
14855999 Garage Gate Opener CAR WASH 11/24/2021 01/23/2022
14855987 Sunglasses CAR WASH 11/24/2021 01/23/2022
14855979 Earbuds CAR WASH 11/24/2021 01/23/2022

The Lost & Found Department is located inside the Rental Car Facility at Logan International Airport 15 Transportation Way East Boston, MA 02128.
You may schedule a pick up for any time but you must schedule the pick up in advance with the lost & found office during normal hours of operation which are 7:30am – 3:00pm Tuesday through Saturday and 12:00pm - 7:30pm Sunday and Monday.

Lost items must be reported using either the link above or by calling 1-855-400-0862. Please include as much detail as possible when reporting a lost item including:
- Transponder number and state for a lost transponder.
- The number of keys and any key chains and/or store tags on a missing set of keys.
- The make and model and number of buttons on a lost garage door opener.
- The brand and style name or number as well as a detailed description of what they look like for lost sunglasses, eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses.

Found items are held for a maximum of 60 days.

Anyone wishing to claim property in person must provide a detailed description of the item and valid ID.