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Visitors who have left an item In the terminal or parking facility are encouraged to report lost or misplaced articles using the link above.

Found items are held for a maximum of 14 days.

Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License.

If you have lost and item on the airplane:
(Personal items lost while in flight or at an airline gate are collected and held for claim by the respective airline. Lost luggage is also held for claim by airline companies. Contact the airline baggage claim office:
Aeromexico 210.828.7180
Alaska Airlines 877.815.8253
Allegiant Airlines 702.830.8851
American Airlines 210.804.4691
Delta Airlines 210.821.3917
Interjet Airlines 210.822.3400
Southwest Airlines 210.248.3735
United Airlines 800.221.6903
Volaris Airlines 210.832.9009

Or at Security:
At the passenger screening checkpoint Please contact the TSA local administrative office: 210.832.5334