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Found Items Listing

Alamo Rent A Car - Indianapolis International Airport- IND
7801 Col H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive,
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
ITEM006440961 Garage Gate Opener HC878204 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006440981 Eyeglasses JY247048 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006441001 Hat JM069624 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006419241 Eyeglasses JH149113 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006419301 Garage Gate Opener JC360981 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006440901 Keyboard JF159692 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006440931 Identification 2018 Nascar Fox Sports Badge 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006440941 Kenwood Walkie Talkie JR200740 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006440951 Sunglasses JBA07072 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006419471 Eyeglasses JH140151 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006390561 Charger HR202894 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006419531 Eyeglasses JP512794 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006390611 Identification J9113268 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006419561 Shirt/Sweater JR206794 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006419331 Sunglasses JU580963 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006440911 Blanket HL676019 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006419411 Eyeglasses J9052333 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006390741 Tablet HR824824 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006390521 Shirt/Sweater JN141111 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006391291 Shoe(s) JR271505 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006391041 Shirt/Sweater JR154015 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006352391 mad ants jersey JBA13370 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006390801 Sunglasses HR857156 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006352181 Charger JR210453 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006390851 Sunglasses H9177677 4/16/2018 06/15/2018

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