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Found Items Listing

Alamo Rent A Car - Dallas Love Field Airport- DAL
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
ITEM006463571 SUITCASE na 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006455951 Eyeglasses (Case Only) NA 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448581 Eyeglasses NA 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448751 Sunglasses NA 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006437541 Keys HR799865 White Dodge Grand Caravan 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006456261 Identification JC183445 NISSAN ALTIMA 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006460641 Coat/Jacket NA 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006460901 Coat/Jacket JG564715 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006462711 Keys JKC87730 FORD F150 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006448891 Eyeglasses HL278505 FORD FOCUS 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006456041 Eyeglasses JH072271 hyundai santa fe 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006462961 Parking Permit HD148491 JEEP PRATIOT 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006456571 Garage Gate Opener JBB06637 4/17/2018 06/16/2018
ITEM006458391 Eyeglasses JC185844 NISSAN ALTIMA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006459981 Coat/Jacket HL838273 NISSAN VERSA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006458481 Coat/Jacket NA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006456701 Sunglasses NA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006458241 Bluetooth Speaker J9111780 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006459531 Shoe(s) NA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006463121 Coat/Jacket NA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006460081 Coat/Jacket NA 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006459891 Coat/Jacket J9128718 CADI XTS 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006463231 Athletic Shoes HN185103 NISSAN MURANO 4/16/2018 06/15/2018
ITEM006460231 BACKPACK JR146079 CHEVY SUBURBAN 4/15/2018 06/14/2018
ITEM006459741 Coat/Jacket JH166481 DODGE CHARGER 4/15/2018 06/14/2018

Found items are held for a maximum of 60 days after which time they are disposed of by donating to a local charitable organization. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License.