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Found Items Listing

National Car Rental - Dallas Love Field Airport- DAL
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
ITEM008671251 Documents HL801595 BLUE NISSAN VERSA 7/17/2018 09/15/2018
ITEM008674121 Cellphone JC144093 NISSAN ALTIMA 7/17/2018 09/15/2018
ITEM008681321 Keys JY243251 Silver Nissan Sentra 7/17/2018 09/15/2018
ITEM008672811 Sunglasses HC856740 NISSAN ROGUE 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008673601 Eyeglasses JH300126 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008674741 Keys NA 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008672481 Parking Permit NA 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008675051 Tablet JU618510 HYUNDAI TUCSON 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008674551 Garage Gate Opener NA 7/16/2018 09/14/2018
ITEM008610141 Eyeglasses na 7/15/2018 09/13/2018
ITEM008674941 Headphones JEA45047 FORD EXPEDITION 7/15/2018 09/13/2018
ITEM008681111 Garage Gate Opener JU591810 Silver Toyota Camry 7/15/2018 09/13/2018
ITEM008610341 Coat/Jacket JU453685 nissan rogue 7/13/2018 09/11/2018
ITEM008610261 Coat/Jacket dallas fort worth 7/13/2018 09/11/2018
ITEM008542721 Cellphone J9052661 GRAY NISSAN ARMADA 7/12/2018 09/10/2018
ITEM008585991 Sunglasses JR277402 CHEVY SUBURBAN 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008581661 Watch JC2479211 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008523621 Cosmetic / Makeup Bag JC801821 NISSAN ROGUE 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008519541 Garage Gate Opener NA 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008610191 Garage Gate Opener HH1501654 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008585401 Sunglasses NA 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008581861 Sunglasses JR338218 7/11/2018 09/09/2018
ITEM008520731 Sunglasses J3014206 7/10/2018 09/08/2018
ITEM008518171 Cellphone JT369858 Dodge Journey 7/10/2018 09/08/2018
ITEM008520251 Sunglasses NA 7/10/2018 09/08/2018

The Lost & Found Department is located at 7366 Cedar Springs Rd Dallas, TX 75235. You may visit between the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday or call 855-400-0863.
Found items are held for a maximum of 60 days after which time they are disposed of by donating to a local charitable organization. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License.