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Enterprise Rent A Car - T.F Green International Airport- PVD
700 Jefferson Blvd,Level 5
Warwick,Rhode Island,

Item # Item Category Location Date Claim Before
19768029 TROPHY UNK 6/17/2024 08/16/2024
19767435 Parking Permit RW422426 6/17/2024 08/16/2024
19767421 Sunglasses REA44633 6/17/2024 08/16/2024
19767403 Parking Permit NY308331 6/17/2024 08/16/2024
19767749 Headphones PH579563 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767705 Sunglasses NS128706 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767695 CAR PHONE HOLDER RL899221 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767687 Keys R8516131 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767649 Sunglasses RC710337 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767637 Eyeglasses UNK 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767615 Coat/Jacket RR155243 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767549 Pillow UNK 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767541 Toys UNK 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767505 Coffee Mug UNK 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767477 Coffee Mug UNK 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19759079 Tool(s) NN623366 6/16/2024 08/15/2024
19767877 Tool(s) UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767863 WATER BOTTLE UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767831 Cosmetic / Makeup Bag UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767803 Pillow UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767785 Earbuds UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767775 Hat RC192389 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767739 Sports Equipment UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767663 Sunglasses UNK 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19767455 Coffee Mug RC116625 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19755379 Coat/Jacket RS241413 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19755335 Sunglasses NP348728 6/15/2024 08/14/2024
19755285 Earbuds MA009965 6/14/2024 08/13/2024
19755277 Visa CUSTOMER SERVICE BOOTH 6/14/2024 08/13/2024
19755221 Pillow RUA57999 6/14/2024 08/13/2024
19755057 GPS RA390354 6/14/2024 08/13/2024
19755321 Hat RM655098 6/13/2024 08/12/2024
19755247 Headphones PL872102 6/13/2024 08/12/2024
19755137 Charger RFA35549 6/13/2024 08/12/2024
19755329 Sunglasses RBA94119 6/12/2024 08/11/2024
19755265 Earbuds RS131215 6/12/2024 08/11/2024
19755453 BOX OF STUFF REA65640 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755411 Hat RM071369 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755311 Eyeglasses UNK 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755301 Eyeglasses UNK 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755181 Eyeglasses (Case Only) UNK 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755089 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR RL340301 6/11/2024 08/10/2024
19755511 Charger UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755503 WATER BOTTLE UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755495 Shoe(s) UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755415 Charger UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755389 TOWEL RS244685 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755363 Sunglasses UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755349 Tool(s) UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024
19755345 Toll Transponder UNK 6/10/2024 08/09/2024


The Lost & Found Department is located at 700 Jefferson Blvd, Level 5, Warwick Rhode Island 02886. You may schedule to pick up claimed item(s) between the hours of 6:00 AM and 02:00 PM Friday through Monday. Please note, your item(s) may not be available for pickup without a scheduled appointment. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License.
When shipping with FedEx or UPS it is not a guarantee your item will ship the same day as the label is purchased due to scheduling between the Lost and Found Coordinator and the carrier.
Found items are held for a maximum of 60 days. Items that have been claimed MUST be picked up/shipped out within 30 days of being claimed unless other arrangements are made with the location.

Please include as much detail as possible when reporting a lost item including:
- Transponder number and state for a lost transponder.
- The number of keys and any key chains and/or store tags on a missing set of keys.
- The make and model and number of buttons on a lost garage door opener.
- The brand and style name or number as well as a detailed description of what they look like for lost sunglasses, eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses.

**Legal Disclaimer Regarding Personal Belongings**

Please be advised that Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car (hereinafter referred to collectively as "The Companies") assume no liability or responsibility for any personal items left in rental vehicles or on any part of the airport premises.

**1. Personal Belongings**: It is the sole responsibility of the renter and/or authorized drivers to ensure that all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle upon the return of the rental car. The Companies are not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings left in the vehicle at the time of return or at any point during the rental period.

**2. Airport Property**: Similarly, any personal items left on airport property, including but not limited to parking lots, shuttle buses, and rental counters, are not the responsibility of The Companies. We advise all customers to thoroughly check their belongings before leaving the airport premises.

**3. Reporting Lost Items**: While the Companies are not liable for lost items, we endeavor to assist our customers where possible. Customers who believe they have left an item in a rental vehicle or on airport property are encouraged to report the item as lost by submitting a claim through this website. However, there is no guarantee of recovery or return of lost items.

**4. Recommendations**: Customers are strongly advised to keep valuable items with them at all times and to perform a thorough check of the rental vehicle before returning it to avoid leaving personal items behind.

This disclaimer serves to inform our customers of our policies regarding personal belongings and to encourage responsibility for their items while using our services.
Due to space limitations, large or bulky items may be disposed of sooner (at branch's discretion).