ID Protection For Your Valuable Items

Every day, thousands of valuable portable items are inadvertently left behind in airports, taxicabs, coffee shops, and other public venues. Dealing with the loss of sensitive data is often more agonizing than the time and money required to purchase and reprogram a replacement device. The smaller the device, the easier it is to leave behind. Lost and found departments are bursting with smart/cell phones, PDAs, laptops, jump drives, digital cameras, eyewear and countless other items. Most finders would prefer to return the item to its rightful owner, but without proper identification and a convenient return service, the vast majority of items never make it home safely.

Some facts:
1,200 cell phones, 1,500 sets of keys and over 300 PDAs and laptops are turned into the Las Vegas International Airport lost and found department annually. - McCarran Int'l Airport Security, July 2003
140,000 items are found annually on Southwest Airlines flights, 50,000 items at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and 20 a day at some Avis Rent-A-Car locations. Despite best efforts, fewer than 1% are returned. - The Wall Street Journal, November 2003
99% of cell phone owners do not back up the data on their phones. When your cell phone is lost or stolen, that precious information is gone.
- The Wall Street Journal, May 2003.

Without Lost Returns, recovery rates are less than 5%. With Lost Returns, the odds are raised to over 75%. Why? Lost Returns makes it easy for finders and works across the broadest spectrum of real world circumstances (the service is not reliant on battery power and works whether or not device passwords restrict access to contact info). In fact, we have partnered with 1000’s of hotels, public venues, theme parks, car rental companies, airports, and police departments to provide them with a inventory management system for found items that can instantly connect back to you when you have attached a Lost Returns ID Label to your item.

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