ARMANDO MERIDA:Thank you for your help. I found my lost item in a matter of two hours. Really a good service and very helpful. Thank you again.
TC:I was rushed to get on with my itinerary and upon returning my rental, I left wallet in the vehicle. I recover the wallet intake containing every recently purchased holiday gift cards, credit cards, and monetary amount present. I am grateful. God is truly very good; Alamo has honest employees and return policy procedures! WELL DONE!
Ken Bara:Thanks a bunch for returning the item. The Atlanta AIrport location staff was very helpful. The book of drawings were the most precious... appreciate it very much!
Sherry R:Thank you to Ms. Hattie Henry at Hartsfield Atlanta for her phone calls and for personally returning my lost item.
Jose Suriel :Item hasn’t been found, just purchased new ones. Thanks for your attempt to recover them.
Larry RS:I rented a silver colored Kia Sorrento suv that happened to be similar to the silver colored Honda CRV I have at home. Normally, I might leave my cell phone in the center counsel box as I know my phone would be there since the Honda is my own car. I was returning the Kia to the rental car lot, and must have gotten lulled into subconsciously thinking I was in my Honda since the two cars are similar. So I left it in the Kia in all the confusion being in Chicago in December when it was 20 degrees outside, and it was at night, and I was rushing as I needed to catch the airport shuttle to get to my flight, and just "spaced it". I really was not sure what happened to it, so I contacted the car rental company Avis, and with the info I provided, I was sent an email that it was found. Yes, the phone cost $750.00, but my data on it was what was most valuable to me. To say the least, I was very upset and sad, and did not think I would ever see my cell phone again. I am very impressed and appreciative of the professionalism this company has provided. My hat is off, and a great big thank you!!!
Edward Douglass:Thank you for recovering my wife's phone from the car and shipping it back to her. She is a happy camper again.
Jerry W Wells:Thank you so very much in that your personnel were able to find my heavy blue hoodie and sunglasses on the very next day that I left them in my rental car. Again thanks.
Dhanashree M:Thanks for finding and sending back my ipad. Appreciate your help!
Peter:Enterprise Rent a Car's return service was terrific! Clear and helpful. I appreciate their commitment to helping me find my lost item.
M. Whiteman:Bash at Budget San Francisco is BRILLIANT! I returned the rental car well ahead of my flight departure. I went straight to the gate, and as I was settling in, I realized I left my BOSE headphones under the car seat. I raced back to the rental center. Bash was on it! He looked up something on the computer, took a description and about 10 minutes later he returns with them in hand. Thanks Bash for returning my property. You're the best!
Jerry W Wells:Thank you so very much for locating my expensive sunglasses and heavy cotton blue hoodie in the return rental car at the Ft. Myers Airport and shipping them to me.
M. Shackelford :Thank you for assisting me in locating my lost prescription eyeglasses from the shuttle bus service. They found and shipped my glasses to me immediately. I really appreciate the fast friendly service from both of you who helped get them back to me so quickly.
Stan Wekarski:God only knows how relieved I am that Dollar Rental has found my cellphone and returned it to me.
Sydney Jones:I would like to commend Mr. Charles Maxwell for his kindness and perseverance in helping me on the return of my Cpap machine. It was left on a airport shuttle on my way to Bush International Airport September 26th. He advised me as to what procedures I needed to follow in regard to a FedEx pickup. He didn’t stop there he followed the process all the way through until the machine was in my procession. What a pleasure it would be in our day to day lives if we all had caring, responsible people working on our behalf to make our life better as Mr. Maxwell did with me.
Sandra Mike:Found my suitcase. It has been returned to me. Thank you.
Great Service:I deeply appreciate your support
Patrick Mcgeady:Thanks to all the staff who helped to recover my keys and attached items.
Jef Carson:I left my carry-on in the boarding area. Not only was the carry-on returned to lost and found ,everyone went out of their way to help me search. The results were impressive, the bag was found and I had it back in my possession at 8:30 the next morning. Thank you very much.
Shahid Rahmatullah:I received the lost item, you guys were great and very professional, thank you so much.
Valeria Garcia :I am very impressed with the effective service you provide. My item was returned and shipped and I received it satisfactorily. Thank you for an excellent service!
rebel:My wife was sure the $250 sunglasses were long gone - but she was wrong! Thanks Hertz and Mary at the RDU Hertz location.
Harry Swope:At BWI location garage - after midnight - Rikita in the most friendly and helpful way made a special effort to find my sunglasses. She is an exemplary employee!
Elaine Pascoe:Thankyou for returning my cell phone!! You folks are a life-saver!
Don Robinson:Alamo's customer service couldn't be better! We left our prescription glasses in our car and with a few phone calls and internet information, Alamo found our glasses, communicated flawlessly, were very friendly, and within 2 days we had our return in the mail. Thank you for such amazing service and honesty. You've won a customer for life!
Jan Moon:The item lost within the Budget rental car office, was turned in to the Lost & Found at the Sacramental International Airport. We contacted them and they were very helpful in identifying and returning the lost glasses and case. Everyone at Budget and at the airport was very encouraging and helpful. Thank you!
Robert Bazin:I am so thankful for the return of my wallet that I left in my Alamo rental car. I especially want to thank Margaret who works at the Jacksonville lost and found Alamo office. Thanks so much.
Mark Rattansingh:I really appreciated the time and effort taken by the IAH team to assist me in finding a thumb drive I lost. Though the item was found elsewhere, your initial effort while I did not know where it was, is very commendable. Thanks
Mihai Dan:Thank you for returning my keys!
Maureen:I love this customer service , service ! My cup was not of any value compared to most lost items, but it was to me. I found it on my own after I submitted the report and sent an update.But I so appreciate the continued search & updates from you !! If only others were like you..my son lost $700 worth of cd's once on a plane and we had to call them so many times.They finally said, too bad..it's at another warehouse...etc.someone prob gave themselves a free gift.YOU ROCK! THANK YOU :)
Bobby Coleman:Thank you for your fast recovery of my wallet.it was fantastic to get it back intact. Goes to show you we have some realllllly honest people and good people. Thanks again.
Jurandir de Oliveira:Thank you very much. The service is very good !!!!
c. spann:although I found item elsewhere. Really appreciate timely updates from Dollar regarding status of search for my lost item.
nasir :i am impressed with customer services and the way help to find lost doc,
Don Kelly:Thank you very much for returning my article that I must have left in trunk.
george t hendrix jr:wonderful service! continue the service.
Horacio Spector:Thank you for returning my winter jacket. I appreciate this very much.
JJ from Seattle:Thank you all so much. Really appreciate your diligence!
Bill Peters, Ref #10731909: Many thanks to the manager on duty Monday morning, March 18th, at McCarran Airport location. He contacted Becky who was able to identity and locate my missing keys from a rental car I returned the week before. Outstanding service, greatly appreciated!
Arleta Dollar:I was so excited to see my camera again!!! I had just bought it for my trip, so I am very grateful to your team for finding it, and for your prompt return. Thank you from a very GRATEFUL customer.
Pat C:Extremely grateful the the staff at Enterprise Car Rental At O’hare location for locating and returning my tablet. I am so pleased with Enterprise it might be the only car rental company I use. Thanks
Sangeeta:Thank you for returning my phone call! and shipping my lost iPhone back to me! the shipping was expensive, but nevertheless your service was awesome! thanks once again!
Amy Lee:Thanks very much for shipping my ipad to me!
clara:amazingly well controlled process to return lost items. Thanks!
Jose E. Medina:Thank you so much for returning my jacket and providing excellent service. Had similar incident occur at San Francisco Airport but never found item and couldn't ever contact Lost and Found customer service for follow-up. SFO Lost and Found website did not provide a phone number to talk to anyone about my item..
Cam:Great to know there are honest folks that will do the right thing and were very helpful. Thanks to all who helped get my lost item back to me.
Hao Huang:Thanks to William Welch's warm heart and quick support, the lost luggage was found in the second day.
Steven Li:You have the best team at Tulsa airport. Thank you for the extra attentions.
Chandra:Thank you for returning my scarf to me, I am very impressed with your focus on customer care.
James Williams:Thank you so much for recovering my prescription glasses from the rental car and sending them to me!
maryann smith:excellent service...i left a jacket in my rental, and although it took several weeks, i got it back!!
Stephen:Thank you so very much. Great service.
Glenn:They found my returned rental car, in a mass of returned car, and returned my coat to me. The manager at the location went out of their way to take care of the issue...fast.
Bill Walters:item found and returned in three days very impresive service
june schmitz:I left my eyeglasses in a rental car @ O'Hare! Never though I would "see" them again. But I did, owing to the efficiency of LostReturns. I bet they could find the needle in the haystack! The website is easy to navigate. They really have it all together. I truly appreciate their excellent work.
Luis Alfonso Cintron Rodriguez:The way you handle my situation gave me confident that my suits will appear. You guys gave me the extra mile to help me and I appreciate your sincere efforts. In the end of the day your professional bus driver gave me a call and told me the my suits were at the terminal of the buses. Keep up the good work and our God Jehovah bless all of you.
Daniel LaSage:Wow! Thank you so much. I was visiting my son who is serving in the ARMY during Easter weekend and I left my bible in the back seat of the rental. 7 years of notes, thoughts, and study... It was found, shipped and returned by your wonderful staff! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Effiom Whyte - Ref # 5795051:My Laptop was returned to me on Saturday March 24, 2018. This is my third Testimonial. I just spoke with Lea who assured me that the Lost Returns email will be discontinued. Again many thanks to your great team.
Emma Hobbs:I am very satisfied with the service that was rendered. I kept calling and customer service was very diligent in following through. Thank you for your AWESOME SERVICE!!
Sally Robinette:In March I accidentally left my case with my iPods in my rental car at the Kona Airport Hertz return. We went from Kona to Seattle then Mexico. I have to give HUGE kudos to Lucille Ekeroma from Kona Hertz. I could see the items listed on the Kona Hertz lost and found site but I was having trouble initiating the lost item report. Lucille called me when I was in Mexico, helped me with the report and sent my items back to me. She was extremely helpful, patient and sweet. I truly appreciate all the help she gave me. Kona Hertz lost and found - especially Lucille Ekeroma - are awesome!!!!!
Effiom Whyte:Highest commendations to all Alamo team members responsible for the recovery of my laptop, which I collected at the location on Saturday March 24, 2018. Your good works have not gone unnoticed. Many, many thanks!
Richard S. Koziol:Thanks you for returning my jacket. The process in place to help find my lost jacket was very good and I was able to quickly find where it was within the Skyharbor Airport system. Thanks to Ghasan for his help with the return and to whom ever found it on the car rental bus and turned it in. I am very grateful to all. Than you, thank you, and thank you all !!!
Guilherme Lima :I forgot my passports inside a car that I rented and returned in the Alamo. The commitment of all was essential for my documents to be found. Thank you all. God bless you.
Joseph Baca:I am incredibly thankful and impressed by your staff speed and persistence in getting my wallet back!
Thomas Richards:Thank you so much for locating my carry on bag and holding it for me in a safe place till I could pick it up.
Kaye:Thank you for finding and returning my Kindle. I belong to a Book Club, was in the middle of a book, and had over 200 books downloaded.
Gerald Fitzgerald:Could not be more pleased with this service. Many thanks for recovering, recognizing and shipping my forgotten items.
Yojiro Sugimoto:I am extremely pleased and impressed with this service.
Sherilyn Winchester:I found it elsewhere than the rental car but thank you for making the process to report lost items so easy! I appreciate the updates.
Sherry Cole:I was so very pleased to get my camera back. It had pictures of my grandsons that I could never have replaced.
william Stacy:It is wonderful to know that your Company is so caring. I recovered my phone on same day in MSP. The Hertz staff could not have been more helpful and kind.
John Price:Yvonne was very helpful and professional helping me try to find my lost item. She sent messages and provided me with other helpful pieces of contact information. She does her job very well - especially knowing the frazzled state of mind of the people she deals with that are uneasy about having lost something. Well done Yvonne! Thank you.
Ellen:Thank you so much for finding my tablet and bag, and taking the time to return it to me! I truly appreciate your efforts!
S.R.:I want to thank all the staff for retrieving my lost item, especially Michelle who was emailing me back and forth even though she was not working that day. Lost and found retrieved my item the very next day. Thanks
Mike Powell:Alan Smith is an exemplary employee! He is a shuttle driver who searched the return lot at the very busy Portland airport and found my camera in a vehicle already cleaned and about to be rented. He went way above and beyond and as a result we are now customers for life. I apologize for not writing sooner, but just found the rental agreement with his name and that of his boss, Chris Sidel. Please pass this information up the chain so Alan can be recognized for his great service.
Valerie:My camera was found and returned to me with all my memories intact! Many, many thanks!!
Garry G.:Thank the staff at your business for retrieving our lost handicap placard in Allentown, PA. We picked up the lost item at Allentown International Airport. Thank you all again.
Jed & Ginger W.:Thanks you so much for finding & turning in our digital camera! It had many sentimental pictures of our grandchildren as well as pictures of our travels in the U.S. It's a huge relief to have it back. Thank you so much for your honesty & integrity!
Jeanette W.:The agent I worked with was courteous and efficient. I received my lost item within 2 days of submitting an online claim.
Sheila C.:I thought the GPS I left in my Car Rental was gone! I reported the lost item through the website. A few clicks and my item was on it's way home. Thank you for providing such a great, hassle free way to be reunited with lost items. GREAT SERVICE A+++++
Stan Palczewski:Thank you for returning my IPad. The people I spoke with were very kind and understanding in helping me with my recovery. This is a great service and restores my faith in mankind. Thanks again.
Inderpal K.:We had left our Nikon Camera with photos of our 3 week long trip in a Hertz rental car. We didn't expect to find it but filed the Lost Item report anyway. Customer Service was wonderful and guided us on contacting the right people. A couple of days later we received an email that our camera had been found and identified and was mailed to us. Thank you so much for exceptional service!
Ruthie C:I was furious with myself for leaving a little gift bag containing jewelry in a Hertz rental car, and was resigned to never seeing it again. But I filed my lost returns report anyway, heard back the very same day that the item had been found, and was reunited with the bag a couple of days later. Fantastic customer service - thank you so much!
Susan V:Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I did not think I would see my iPad ever again after leaving it in the rental car. I filled out a lost item form and I was quickly contacted and reunited with all of my pictures and videos. Thanks again!!
Paul H:Ms. Charity Harris of your company went out of her way on Monday June 9 to help me locate and then expedite a sport jacket left in my rental car in Tulsa. She was kind and considerate and followed up throughout the process. I am very grateful. Yours, Paul H
Donna and Vince DiLoreto:In February I inadvertantly left my husband's sunglasses in the rear of a convertible rental car. After talking to threee different men associated with Dollar, I was lucky enough to find Charity Harris who put a hold on the car, found the glasses and graciously mailed them to us without any fuss. She is indeed a valuable employee who is customer focused. Thankyou, Charity
GlennL:I never thought I would get my iPod and CD of the Eagles back . I'm in fla on vacation. I left them In a rented van. The van we rented broke down. In all the worries about getting another van I forgot to get my IPod and CD. I was convinced that I had lost them for good. Following the procedure, I got online and made a report. The next day I got a return email telling me they found my iPod and cd. My faith in people has returned. Thank you.
PKing:You are the best. keep up the excellent work.
Johannes :In October I lost my iPhone in a Hertz Shuttle at Philly airport. I was so happy to get it back. The lostreturn item tracking was a great help. The customer service was outstanding. The phone was picked up at the airport by a collegaue and arrived safely back in Europe. Thank you so much to LostReturns!
Mark S:I had lost my jacket and felt very sure I would never see it again. I took a chance at using your online process. To my amazement it worked. Not only did it work I have not seen a lost item process set up as efficiently as this for any organization. Kudos to you Hertz for having the best practice in any industry I have seen! Thank you,
Jill's Mom:Thank you so much for finding my 13 year old's iPad. She left it under the floor mat of the car (so no one would steal it), and forgot all about it herself. She had many of her photos, etc on the device and never backed anything up. It was a blessing for Hertz to find it. Thank you so much!!
TTaylor:I just want to express my sincerest gratitude to both the Tucson and Phoenix staff for getting my valuable electronic device to me. I thought I had lost my MP3 forever. You all are very honest and trustworthy folks. I will always recommend your company to family and friends. Thank you so much!
Susan B:So, hubby is late for his flight and leaves our GPS in the rental car. I never had any hope of seeing it again, but thanks to an honest employee @ the car rental company and the service offered by Lost Returns our GPS was returned to us in 2 days and in perfect working condition. What a fabulous service Lost Returns provides. It sure worked for us!
Robin Whray:The gentleman that took my report was wonderful. Very helpful and respectful. I also spoke with Ms. Courtney at the wichita airport lost and found. She was such a joy to speak with. Respectful ,pleasant and caring. Returned my call promptly, and while having me on the phone took care of all my shipping needs. She is an asset to Hertz. thank you all so much. Robin Whray
Lynn S.:Thanks for all the help getting back my sport coat and sunglasses. I got regular updates on status and shipping, and everything was done very expeditiously. Thank again!
David McCormick:I wanted to commend Braden Crowell for finding my lost eyeglasses at IAH and contacting me and allowing me to have them sent to me. In all my years of renting from Hertz, this is the first thing that I've left behind that I cared about. Braden kept the case open and hunted for the item, even though it had not been put on the found items list. I'm so happy to be able to get those glasses back. Thank you to Braden and Hertz for going the proverbial extra mile. Sincerely, David McCormick (30338866)
Lance W. Lord:Impressive support from an obviously customer focused service provider!! Helps take some of the self-induced stress out of travleing -- what a relief to know my article was quickly recovered by a team of professionals and returned promptly -- I'm sticking with Hertz for life!!
Bryan Yager:In this day and age, finding honest people, let alone a whole string of honest people is so rare. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to be reunited with my camera. To be more technically correct, my wife's camera that I left in a rental car. Thank you so much for reuniting my with the camera and my wife!!! I am extremely grateful. I didn't expect to see that camera ever again... thanks to you... I'm still happily married!!
MaryS:I can not thank you enough for returning my son's $200 sunglasses! He did not expect to see them again! The honesty and professionalism of the crew at SFO is outstanding! Thank you!
Carolyn:Thank you for returning my coat! In today's economic conditions and tough times I assumed my coat was lost forever when I left it in the trunk of a rental car. I'm so happy with the rental car employees in Detroit, Michigan for being honest and trustworthy. I plan to keep renting from them forever! Thank you again.
Nicole V:So soooooo so incredibly thankful to Lost Returns for helping me get my phone back today! They could not have been more patient, helpful, understanding, and efficient. They showed a tremendous amount of ingenuity connecting the dots to get it back. I'm sure you have to deal with people all the time who leave everything behind. Thank you for doing a fantastic job.
Alex H:I was really impressed with the experience. Losing anything is never pleasant but I am sincerely grateful for the prompt and efficient service and the resolution of my problem. Great program!
Kelly:Lost Returns is fabulous. They helped us locate an IPAD. They couldn't have been nicer and the lost and return system is very easy and organized to help you find your valuables! Thank you !
Carlos H:I am extremely pleased and impressed with this service AND the honesty of the employees who helped me recover my iPad. The team at Lost Returns, specifically was extremely helpful making this happen. Thanks again!
George C.:I received my sunglasses today. My sincerest thanks to all involved. You will be getting my business again.
Deborah M.:I can't thank you enough for your quick response in locating my husband's missing shirt and shipping it back and providing a tracking number all in a matter of minutes. You guys are swift...
John W.:I wanted to let you know that my possessions were retrieved from my rental car and returned to me yesterday. This was a HUGE relief. I wanted to thank you for your assistance in this regard. I truly appreciate your follow-up and action to help me. Thank you very much!
Beverley A.:I'm Beverley and I recently lost my blackberry in Las Vegas Nevada. The Rental Car company provided me instructions to process a claim and within a couple of days my phone had been found. They notified me through email and by the following Monday, I had my phone back in my possession. Thanks!!!
Victoria T:I was beyond thrilled to have my engagement ring returned to me. I have a new level of appreciation and gratitude for my rental car company. The process of logging onto the website to document the ring as missing, tracking progress and then ultimately having it returned to me via overnight delivery was fast and easy. I also received outstanding service from the Lost Returns Customer Care representative when I had additional questions. Corporate partnership with Lost Returns is a competitive differentiator as it signals a committment to the customer. I'm so thankful that this program was in place!
Chris W.:I can't believe you sent back my phone so fast! Thank you Lost Returns... I have photos and contacts on this phone I would never have been able to replace. I recommend your service to everyone I meet.
Lilly G.: I found out about this service at my hotel when I couldn't find my iPhone. In just a few hours they called to tell me it had been found. Thank you Lost Returns.
Tanya G.:My 5 year old has had that pillow since she was a baby and we left it in the room and checked out… Your staff found it and I couldn’t believe you were able to send it back to us the very next day! We were so relieved. Nice job!