Covid-19 Best Practices For A Safe And Responsible Lost & Found

For Businesses

Lost & Found is an important Customer Service function in your business. How you manage and maintain your Lost & Found can affect how Customers feel about your Brand and their Brand Loyalty.

We always want you to be safe and follow appropriate safety & sanitary procedures when handling Customer’s personal property.

Take advantage of the PPE now available in the inventory and supplies ordering tab:

-   Vinyl Gloves

-   Hand Sanitizer

-   Disinfectant Wipes

-   Plastic Inventory Bags

Follow these Lost & Found Best Practices:

-   Wash Hands Regularly - wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

-   Wipe down Inventory Storage Areas and high touchpoint areas regularly

-   Always wear gloves when handling items

-   Place ALL Items in plastic bags to avoid cross contamination while in storage

-   Regularly remove Items from your inventory that have past the hold period

-   Ship Items in their original storage bag, and properly package Items to avoid damage in transit

-   Designate a specific and secure Customer Property Pickup Area that restricts face to face contact with others.

For Individuals

Leaving behind a valuable personal item in your travels is unfortunately a common occurrence. Our business partners inventory and manage over 2 million items every year in the US alone.

We want to help our partners quickly recover lost items and return them safely back to you.

Help them by utilizing these important options for Touchless Personal Property Returns

-   Report Your Lost Item Online Or Over The Phone

-   Ship It Back!

 o   We have made available convenient return shipping options. When possible, avoid having to come back to the Location altogether. Ship It Back!

-   Schedule A Pickup Time

 o   To pick up your property, use the “Online Pickup Request” form to schedule a specific day and time to arrive. This will reduce waiting time for your property to be made available.

-   Prepare to wear a mask at the Location

 o   Remember to follow all Location instructions

-   Asset Return Tags (Coming Soon)

 o   Place an Asset Return Tag on your personal property. If it is lost or left behind, one scan will IMMEDIATELY notify you that your property has been recovered and provide you with multiple return options.

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