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Found Items Listing

Enterprise Rent A Car - Jacksonville International Airport- JAX
Rental Area,
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
13930541 Hat LR207879 4/16/2021 06/15/2021
13930463 Keys X 4/16/2021 06/15/2021
13930445 AUDIO CABLES LFA23387 4/16/2021 06/15/2021
13930613 RAZER GAMING MOUSE PAD x 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930579 Earbuds LL841999 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930565 Earbuds MN304383 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930535 Eyeglasses X 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930525 Garage Gate Opener X 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930499 Garage Gate Opener X 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930371 Shirt/Sweater X 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930325 GOLF SHOES VISOR M0513984 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930265 Amex MR247129 4/15/2021 06/14/2021
13930513 Ring MU523868 4/14/2021 06/13/2021
13930487 Tablet MF022452 4/14/2021 06/13/2021
13930431 WATCH MR197654 4/14/2021 06/13/2021
13930345 Shirt/Sweater KR802666 4/14/2021 06/13/2021
13930439 WATCH LZ044254 4/12/2021 06/11/2021
13914341 Earbuds X 4/12/2021 06/11/2021
13914119 BOX MW560426 4/12/2021 06/11/2021
13914327 Identification X 4/11/2021 06/10/2021
13914249 Keys LC261619 4/11/2021 06/10/2021
13914093 Sunglasses X 4/11/2021 06/10/2021
13914071 Medication / Equipment MM231295 4/11/2021 06/10/2021
13914651 Athletic Shoes MS131700 4/10/2021 06/09/2021
13914307 Necklace X 4/10/2021 06/09/2021

Please use the link above to report lost items. Even if you do not see the item(s) on the list. LOST AND FOUND NORMAL HOURS ARE MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10AM-3PM, CLOSE 1155am-105pm. NO PICKUPS ARE ALLOWED AT THE AIRPORT.
Local pickups are by appointments only. Request with found items, will receive email pickup options. Local pickups will receive notification and you can select a date and time within the lost and found hours for pick up. You will then receive the pick up address. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License. Only renter of vehicle is allowed to pickup lost and found, unless otherwise noted on the Pickup Request.