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Found Items Listing

Enterprise Rent A Car - Jacksonville International Airport- JAX
Rental Area,
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
13220775 Toll Transponder X 8/4/2020 10/03/2020
13220763 Leather bag pouch X 8/4/2020 10/03/2020
13220271 Keys LC164083 8/4/2020 10/03/2020
13220185 Sunglasses X 8/4/2020 10/03/2020
13220239 Eyeglasses X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220225 Wallet CFA21820 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220215 Documents X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220209 Visa K9143247 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220201 Keys X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220175 Keys X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220171 Umbrella X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220155 Shoe(s) X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13217041 Garage Gate Opener X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13217015 Documents X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13216973 Blanket X 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13216875 Toll Transponder LR151608 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13216687 Sunglasses LH544041 8/3/2020 10/02/2020
13220527 Garage Gate Opener KT838638 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13220515 Garage Gate Opener X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13220511 Visa X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13220503 Garage Gate Opener X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13220493 Medication / Equipment X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13217117 Cutting hand tool X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13216999 EBT Card LLU72477 8/2/2020 10/01/2020
13216709 Ring X 8/2/2020 10/01/2020

Please use the link above to report lost items. Even if you do not see the item(s) on the list. LOST AND FOUND NORMAL HOURS ARE MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10AM-3PM, CLOSE 1155am-105pm. NO PICKUPS ARE ALLOWED AT THE AIRPORT.
Local pickups are by appointments only. Request with found items, will receive email pickup options. Local pickups will receive notification and you can select a date and time within the lost and found hours for pick up. You will then receive the pick up address. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License. Only renter of vehicle is allowed to pickup lost and found, unless otherwise noted on the Pickup Request.