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Found Items Listing

Enterprise Rent A Car - Jacksonville International Airport- JAX
Rental Area,
Item # Item Category Location Date Claim Before
14893551 LAPTOP (CASE ONLY) X 12/4/2021 02/02/2022
14893475 Sunglasses X 12/4/2021 02/02/2022
14893467 Eyeglasses X 12/4/2021 02/02/2022
14893509 BOOTS MW181527 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893451 Eyeglasses LKA42034 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893417 SAFETY EYEGLASSES X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893409 Toiletry Bag MJ154880 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893397 HOME ACCESS POINT MT515285 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893379 Earbuds MS518174 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893365 Sunglasses LP501012 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893339 Keys x 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893211 Earbuds MH070329 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893191 Earbuds M1067853 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893149 Hat X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893141 Hat X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893125 Hat X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893117 Hat X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893095 Hat MP266593 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14892749 Garage Gate Opener X 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14892745 Cosmetic / Makeup Bag N7807273 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14892743 Eyeglasses GARAGE FLOOR 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14892737 Cellphone ME271758 12/3/2021 02/01/2022
14893441 RETRACTABLE DOG LEASH LN102753 12/2/2021 01/31/2022
14893345 ZIPPER CASE MR603084 12/2/2021 01/31/2022
14893163 Coat/Jacket KC720504 12/2/2021 01/31/2022

Please use the link above to report lost items. Even if you do not see the item(s) on the list. LOST AND FOUND NORMAL HOURS ARE MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10AM-3PM, CLOSE 1155am-105pm. NO PICKUPS ARE ALLOWED AT THE AIRPORT.
Local pickups are by appointments only. Request with found items, will receive email pickup options. Local pickups will receive notification and you can select a date and time within the lost and found hours for pick up. You will then receive the pick up address. Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License. Only renter of vehicle is allowed to pickup lost and found, unless otherwise noted on the Pickup Request.