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Found Items Listing

Alamo Rent A Car - Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport- FLL
600 Terminal Dr ,Suite 202
Fort Lauderdale,Florida,
Item # Item Category Location Date Found Claim Before
ITEM006450451 Tablet jkkah6 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006452251 Keys 2c4rdgeg7 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006447901 Necklace in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448671 Backpack in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006451491 Shirt/Sweater IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006446901 AAA CARD/COSTCO WHOLESALE IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006446651 Identification IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448451 two big round toilet tissue dispenser in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006464071 Keys 446058660 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448981 Briefcase in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006451031 EVERGLADES HOLIDAY PARK MEGNIC IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006450781 Book hp637448 7ngy5y 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006447971 Tablet J6201459 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448231 Tablet in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448271 Tablet J6201459 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006447541 Toll Transponder in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006448091 black small bag in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006451681 Carseat / Booster IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006451181 Toll Transponder IN CAR 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006450161 black tote bag in car 4/19/2018 06/18/2018
ITEM006426371 Checks / Checkbook in car 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006425861 Charger in car 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006422041 Eyeglasses in car 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006425381 Tablet p3hy336541 4/18/2018 06/17/2018
ITEM006429221 Cellphone in car 4/18/2018 06/17/2018

The Lost & Found Department is located at 600 Terminal Drive Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33315. You may visit between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Visitors are encouraged to report lost or misplaced articles using the link above.

You may also inquire in person or you can phone 855-400-0864.

Found items are held for a maximum of 60 days.

Anyone wishing to claim property at the lost and found area must provide a detailed description of the item, proof of ownership and valid ID or a Driver's License.