Lost Returns is here to help you recover your LOST items and RETURN them safely back to you.

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Your lost & found department is bursting with seemingly countless recovered items. Without the proper inventory systems and a convenient return service, the vast majority of these items never make it home safely to their owners. The Lost Returns Software can make inventory, search and a convenient return delivery service a snap. Lower your costs and create a new revenue stream.

ID Protection For Your Valuable Items

Every day, tens of thousands of valuable items are inadvertently left behind in hotels, airports, rental cars, taxicabs, and other public places. Valuable items like cell phones, laptops and cameras, to name a few, are in many cases worth more to you for the data they contain than the cost to replace them. You need your lost items to be returned to you fast and easy.

Track a package

Track, locate, and verify the arrival of your shipment, and keep track of other pertinent details. If you have your tracking number, you can use it to submit a tracking request here.

Follow the story of Hannah & Mr. Bishop and their Lost & Found Adventure!

A Professional Lost & Found Management System can significantly improve your company’s service to your customers, streamline operations and even lower your operating costs.

We can help you:

  • Inventory Found Items. (log the who, what, where, when details)
  • Match Reported lost items automatically to the found items in inventory.
  • Hand Deliver or Ship items back to the owner with one click. Integrated UPS, FedEx Shipping & USPS API.
  • Reduce non-revenue manpower costs from Lost Item Recovery processes.
  • Donate proceeds from unclaimed items to your company's favorite charities.
  • We can even offer toll free call center support to accept customer inquiries concerning Lost & Found items.

Managing lost & found items is not your core business; let us give you all the tools you need to make it quick and easy.

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The return will be arranged to make it as quick and easy as possible for you. There are several return options, including courier pick up or using a convenient drop off center. Rest assured, there will be no charge to you for the return of the item. Your reward is sent to you as soon as the item reaches the owner.

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