Train and transportation systems can boost productivity with automated lost and found solution.

Rail travel is one of the most popular modes of transportation in the United States. Metro railway systems, rapid transit systems, Amtrak, NYC subways, the rail options are endless. The New York City subway alone moves 5.5 million riders daily. By contrast, approximately 87,000 passengers ride Amtrak each day. With commuters managing their bustling schedules, rushing from one place to the next, thousands and thousands of personal items are lost each day.  At any moment, over 30,000 cell phones and 20,000 ID’s sit at the NYC Subway (MTA) lost and found. Collecting, documenting, and safeguarding these items is a cumbersome task requiring massive resources. Resources that directly affect the bottom line.

The Lost Returns automated lost and found platform offers a streamlined approach for any transportation entity. From passenger’s ability to report lost items directly through the digital platform, to setting up returns automatically, to automated communications every step of the way, the staffing resources saved alone allows more focus on applying resources towards running a more effective rail line.



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