Lost and found automated solution frees up resources for security companies

Security is most often associated with, and the facilitator of an entities lost and found operations. Whether security for corporate high-rise, campus, or concert venue, personal items that are lost usually end up in the hands of the security personnel. Personal property is also usually turned in to security at public events and in public spaces. The biggest challenge for any security company is having enough resources on hand to manage the lost and found process.

Logging reports, searching, retrieving, and returning items takes time away from security responsibilities. The Lost Return's platform works collaboratively with security by streamlining and automating the lost and found process without the need to increase staffing levels or add additional overhead. Saving security staff time, patrons can file a lost item report directly via the Lost Return's platform. Automated communication via email, calls, or text, keeps them updated every step of the way on the status of their claim.

Lost Returns also supports the secure recording of the chain of custody by capturing detailed reports and logs, making it easy for security to access specific information as it’s needed.

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