Cruise Lines

Innovative lost and found platform helps cruise lines with bottom line.

With passengers at an all-time high, a staggering 28+ million cruise passengers in 2018 and projected to hit the 30 million mark in 2019, the number of items left behind is astounding. The real pain point for cruise lines is the resources required to operate lost and found procedures.

The amount of time it takes for staff to create reports of lost items, to search for them, to store found objects safely, and coordinate their return is a boon to the bottom line. When dealing with a magnitude of passengers that lose items as in the cruise line industry, this requires not only a few staffers but teams of them. The Lost Returns platform streamlines all this without heavy lifting from staff. From assisting with logistics to flexible storage solutions to helping guests receive their items quickly, the seamless automated lost and found platform lends itself to manage large volumes of lost items efficiently.
The benefit to the bottom line is multifold given the real brand loyalty opportunity Lost and Found can provide.

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