Car Rental

Car Rental companies can Increase productivity with scalable lost and found solutions.

Over 70% of people say they’d give up a year of social media, eating out, drinking, or smoking to recover items of sentimental value left behind. Phones, paperwork with personal information, keys, tablets, and laptops make up a fraction of personal property left behind in car rentals.

With car rental users is expected to reach 37.7 million by 2023, more riders means more lost items. It also means more resources needed for car rental companies to handle their lost and found operations. Lost Returns lost and found solutions aim to help car rental companies achieve excellence in that arena with a streamlined, automated process. One location or thousands, the scalable platform can accommodate multiple brands and locations under one account.

The goodwill and consumer loyalty earned when sentimental personal property lost is returned quickly and efficiently is invaluable. Speaking of loyalty, the Lost Returns platform can integrate seamlessly with customer loyalty programs of car rental companies.

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