Improve lost and found operations while reuniting travelers with lost property

With over 5,000 airports and over 2.7 million passengers flying in and out of U.S. airports daily, losing something or leaving something behind in an airport is a common occurrence. A trend that continues to overburden airports lost and found operations, manpower, and financial resources.

From worrying about having enough time to get through security checkpoints, to making sure of proper documentation, to ensuring checked baggage is not overweight, the stress of traveling is a significant contributor to travelers losing items. Passports, ID’s and cellphones are at the top of the list of airports lost and found objects.

Lost Returns offers airports and passengers a more stress-free experience, making it quick and simple to find lost items and return them to their rightful owners while helping to lower operating costs. Our user-friendly software streamlines the lost and found process, allowing travelers to easily report a lost item and airport staff to identify if the lost item reported is in their possession quickly.

Throughout this process, the Lost Returns platform centralizes notifications with the traveler via call, text, and email, updating them on their lost item report. It also facilitates payments by traveler to have the item shipped back by carrier of choice. Our 24/7 available Call Center Support feature helps travelers with Live Support whenever they need it.

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