Theme Parks

Automated lost and found solution supports customer service excellence for theme parks.

Approximately 275 million people visit amusement parks in the U.S. each year. This staggering figure sheds some light into the number of lost items left behind at these venues daily.  The central emphasis placed on providing an enjoyable experience for visitors naturally lends itself to park visitors leaving behind personal items at an alarming rate. With all the entertaining distractions experienced, it comes with the fun. Sunglasses and hats blown off on rollercoaster rides, cell phones slipping out of pockets, even diaper bags and strollers are familiar belongings left behind.

For visitors, the initial thought is they’ll never be able to recover their lost items. However, with the Lost Returns lost and found automated solution, not only does it increase the chance of visitors reuniting with their personal belongings, for the parks consumer loyalty is an added benefit. Another benefit is increased productivity from the reduction in the amount of work required of staff to manage lost and found processes. The streamlined platform also provides theme parks an organized inventory system and efficient resolution for returning items.

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