Government Entities

Leading solution brings secure and compliant lost and found processing to government agencies.

From government-owned airports and marine ports to the TSA security that secures them, the amount of foot traffic coming through the vast number of government entities is exorbitant. Institutions such as City Hall, the court system, or Department of Motor Vehicles included, to name a few. The natural burden of lost items left behind by this constant flow of traffic is a strain on resources.

The Lost Return's lost and found automated solution helps government entities streamline lost and found operations, whether one location or various. The benefits of an automated, streamlined process stimulate operational efficiencies, resulting in more staffing resources to deploy as needed.

As a System for Award Management (SAM) registered company, Lost Returns is serious about protecting Personal Identifiers (PID). Unfortunately, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is not enough. With Lost Returns, security is a priority. The platform securely processes lost item claims with full audit capability and proper recording of the chain of custody. The safety and handling of lost items left behind are correctly logged, including details on how items were handled and or disposed of to comply with potential audits.

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