Car Sharing

Automated lost and found solutions helps car sharing companies develop brand identity.

The relatively new and booming car-sharing industry is expected to accelerate by 20% in compound annual growth rate through 2024. The competition is fierce, with new platforms following in the Zipcar, Turo, and Car2Go footsteps. More reason why it’s so important to differentiate from the crowd and reinforce a forward-thinking brand identify. Lost Return’s automated and streamlined lost and found platform does just that.

Increased productivity is one of the benefits of car-sharing brands. By utilizing the fully automated Lost Return's lost and found platform, no added overhead is necessary. Without the need for additional staffing, Lost Returns can process claims and help with return locations automatically. Automated calls, texts, and email communication facilitate the seamless process.

An effortless, efficient, and easy to use platform to set your car-sharing brand apart, the Lost Returns experience helps consumers recover essential and sentimental items lost or left behind. Paperwork with personal information, wallets, phones, laptops, keys are just a few types of crucial personal property frequently left behind in car-sharing vehicles.

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