Schools benefit from automated lost and found solution

More than 56 million students attend elementary and secondary schools in the U.S., private, and public schools combined, plus another 76 million enrolled in college. The result, tons and tons of lost personal items to deal with. For the schools, the chore of managing the revolving door of lost and found items is laborious.

Lost Returns provides schools and districts flexible solutions to facilitate lost item claims and found item inventory management across multiple buildings, departments, or facilities. By streamlining the lost and found process, Lost Returns makes it quick and simple for students and parents to report, find, and retrieve lost personal belongings. The automated platform minimizes the time-consuming work involved for school staff.

It’s a fact of school life, random lost items pile up, and management of it requires resources better served for school operations. Hats, jackets, mittens, gloves, even single socks are some of the common items misplaced in schools.

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